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Ingredient Materials

Pursuit of the Best Ingredient Materials
  • Evidence


    • We consider it important to have a solid body of research data explaining action mechanisms and providing sound scientific foundation.

    • In addition to the abundance of research data, we value the fact that the data came from highly reputed and credible researchers and research institutes.

    • Not to mention efficacy, our priority goes to the high safety proved in the long history of dietary use


  • Production Practice Creating Social Values


    • We also advocate the use of materials made by production practice creating social values, such as community revitalization, creation of employment, and protection of natural environment. 

    • We strive to ensure that our imported materials are fair trade products.

List of Ingredient Materials

If you are considering product development using our ingredient materials, we are glad to answer your inquiries about recommended product forms and the combination of ingredients in a formulation.

Melon GliSODin

GliSODin® (melon glisodin) consists of an antioxidant enzyme (SOD: superoxide dismutase) extracted from a specially improved variety of Vaucluse melon grown in the Avignon area of southern France, encapsulated in a coat of wheat gliadin. This next-generation material has beneficial properties making a clear distinction from conventional SOD-like substances.

  • International patents granted.

  • Function claims permitted by US FDA.

Distinguishing Features


  • Anti-aging

  • For beauty and health building

Past Implementations

  • Supplements

  • General foods (excluding beverage)


This novel cosmetic ingredient was born when Dr. Pero of Lund University, based on his study for over 30 years, discovered a new substance in cat’s claw, a herb that has been eaten by the Campa people of Peru for more than 2000 years. Because AC-11 is prepared by hot water extraction, this material is chemical-free and safe.

  • Process patent granted.

  • Function claims permitted by US FDA.

  • Supplements, general foods, drinks (Ask us for details of restrictions on use.)

  • Cosmetics (skin care, hair care, etc.)

  • Anti-aging

  • For beauty and health building


Distinguishing Features

Past Implementations

Argan Oil
(Produced by Targanine Cooperative)

This organic oil is cold-pressed from the seeds (kernels) in the fruits of the argan tree, which is found only in a part of southwestern Morocco on the northern edge of the Sahara. The traditional production process yields only 1 liter of this precious oil from 100 kg argan fruits.

  • France: Organic certification (ECOCERT)

  • Italy: Slow Food Award

Distinguishing Features


  • Nutritious organic oil used topically and internally for beauty and health building

  • Also for adding flavor in cooking

  • General foods

  • Supplements

  • Cosmetics (cosmetic concentrates, facial cleansers, etc.)

Past Implementations


Propionic acid bacteria have long been used in the production of several types of cheese such as Emmentaler. Dubbed the third wave of probiotics, they reach the intestines alive and work there. Propio-Fidus is the strain of propionic acid bacteria developed by Standa, a company with a large international share in propionic acid bacteria, after screening of a library of 400 different strains.

  • International patents granted (3 strains)

  • GRAS listing (US Food and Drug Administration: FDA)

  • QPS listing (European Food Safety Authority: EFSA), etc

  • Probiotics

  • For maintaining healthy intestinal environment

  • General foods (chilled foods and others)

  • Supplements (only in the form of hard capsules)


Distinguishing Features

Past Implementations


Liquamen is produced from the heads and viscera of ling fish living at the depth of 2000 meters in the Northern Atlantic Ocean using a process of self-fermentation, in which the material is decomposed by the enzymes it contains.

Highly esteemed for its nutritional value, it was called "the product with a thousand virtues" by Scribonius Largus, the personal physician to the Roman Emperor Claudius, in 43 A.D.

Distinguishing Features

  • Health claims approved in France and Canada (See the list on the left.)


  • Prevention of the metabolic syndrome

  • Supporting brain functions

  • Anti-stress

  • Supporting motor functions

France (year of health claim approval)

  • Cholesterol-lowering food (1987)

  • Dietary supplement for hypolipidemic treatment (1998)

  • Nutritional supplement for complex metabolic disorder (2003)

Canada (year of health claim approval)

  • Helps reduce total cholesterol. Promotes the increase in HDL cholesterol and the decrease in LDL cholesterol by improving the HDL/LDL ratio. (2012)

  • Helps maintain the cardiovascular system in good condition. (2101)


  • Only in soft capsules