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Why our OEM service attracts many customers despite our fabless business model?


The reason why our OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) service attracts many customers despite out fabless business model is because our service is not limited in “product manufacturing”. Our product will be able to meet customers’ demand only when the product is fully completed with various elements, such as good planning and development, ingredient selection, design, production, inspection, quality check, and operation and management.

Looking for a professional development team?

No team but only one staff to dedicate in development of a product meeting needs of a customer… We provide a solution for such circumstance.

Looking for professional staff familiar with various data?

Evaluation of efficacy data and safety data of raw materials is indispensable for product development. If you do not have a professional evaluation staff, we provide the solution. 

How to commercialize a product?

If you have no idea about how and when a product should be developed, or how to decide a size of a test product sample, we can provide a consultation.

How many lists required for deliberation of product development? 

From how many raw materials do you consider it necessary to find out the one best suited for product development? It does not depend on famousness of material or an example that other company uses the material.

To what extent do you understand a feature of manufacturing factory?

Every company has its expertise and strong and weak points. Do you choose your vendors just because of a close relationship with them or with any restriction? Final  process in manufacturing is an important element.

How to organize a product workshop?

Fostering sales staff’s understanding of products is necessary to encourage customers to consume the product appropriately.

How to deal with a trouble happens during operation?

Even during operation, various problems could happen concerning adjustment of delivery date, quality management of a product, customer’s inquiry, etc. 

We also provide a consultation on compliance

Since the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law and other various laws and regulations concern your business, let us provide consultation on compliance with displaying method and advertisement expression.

Sales results


Our OEM products have a wide variety of channels including those handled by drugstores, private brand products of aesthetic salon which has a beauty expertise, those sold through mail order, and those provided for professional athletes who needs more specialized nutrition.


Our product functions also vary, such as anti-aging, beauty, diet, and metabolic syndrome improvement.


Up until today, we have got involved in more than thousands of product delivery.

We are sorry but…


We cannot say “please contact us first about any product you are looking for”. Because of this policy, we do not promote business with those businesses looking for a product exactly the same with other company, any product that will bring a profit, or a product 

combining just a few raw materials which are in fashion or talked about.


We are willing to make our efforts to develop even one product in our OEM business. Therefore, we, as a company engaging in health, would like to sincerely support such businesses making serious efforts for improvement of consumer’s health. Let us contribute to health creation together.

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