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Beneficial bacteria dwelling in the intestines, similarly to lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria.

Traditionally used in the production of hard cheese such as Emmental, in which these bacteria produce characteristic large voids (cheese eyes).

Distinguishing features

Standa, a company maintaining 400 different strains of propionic acid bacteria, selected 2 strains.

  • They reach the intestines alive and work there.

  • International patents granted:

    • PCT/FR96/01871

    • PCT/FR00/02072

    • PCT/FR96/02399

Research and collaborating institutions

C.G.D./Laboratories Standa in France

A manufacturer of microbes for hard cheese production, boasting a 70% world share in propionic acid bacteria. It possesses extensive know-how and holds 3 important patents concerning the use of propionic acid bacteria.


INRA (National Institute of Agronomic Research) in France

A national research institute in France conducting scientific studies in various fields such as agriculture, food and nutrition, and environment. It has a research unit dedicated to milk processing technologies, which contributed to the research and development of Propio-Fidus in a joint study with Laboratories Standa for 10 years.

  • Long history of dietary use as additives in cheese production

  • GRAS listing (US Food and Drug Administration: FDA)

  • QPS listing (European Food Safety Authority: EFSA)

  • Safety certificate from INRA (National Institute of Agronomic Research) in France

  • Safety studies in mice, rats, and pigs (confirmation of the absence of toxicity)

Past implementations


Chilled foods (yogurt, etc.)

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