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Example of Ingredient Material Labeling

Olea europaea leaf extract, maltodextrin, Silica

Functional Ingredients    

Oleanolic acid, Oleuropein


What is “Oleavita”?

“Oleavita” is a new generation olive leaf extract which is succeeded in standardization of the oleanolicacid contained in the leave of an olive, and is expected to perform diet / anti-aging effect by two active ingredient of oleanolicacid and oleuropein.

Active ingredients (Oleanolicacid, Oleuropein)

Oleanolicacid is one of the ingredients contained in Oleavita, and is effective in promoting energy metabolism by stimulating TGR5 and carrying out proliferative activation of the mitochondria. It was discovered as a new agonist which activates TGR5 by research at Pasteur University in France.
As for Oleuropein, effects, such as reduction of oxidization LCL cholesterol, blood-pressure adjustment, and anti-inflammation, are proved by the high anti-oxidization power.

The mitochondria which manages health

The mitochondria exists in almost all people’s cells, and has made most energies for people to work and it is an important organ which manage health. The quantity of a mitochondria decrease by lack of exercise, aging, etc., or if the function falls, it will become that it is easy to get tired, or the function of each internal organ declines. It is important not to reduce mitochondria to maintain a function with healthy body.

Distinguishing features

ECOCERT certification acquisition in France


Negative on single dose toxicity test, 28-day repeated dose toxicity test, Ames test.

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