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Products that make you realize its quality,
Ingredients with evidence,
Fairtrade, and
Reliable skin analysis.
These are what we provide


株式会社ニュートリション・アクト OEM

Why our OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) service is frequently requested despite our fabless business model? It is because our service is not completed in “product manufacturing”. Our product can meet customers’ demand only when the product is fully completed with various factors, such as good planning and development, ingredient selection, design, production, inspection, quality check, and operation and management.



We have a particular preference for ingredients with the following features:

  • An ingredient with evidence
  • An ingredient which distinctive researchers or research laboratories pay attention
  • An ingredient of which a production activity is socially valuable, and
  • An ingredient imported by fair trade

Skin analysis service

株式会社ニュートリション・アクト 肌分析

We use real human skin for our skin analysis test since we pay much importance to evidence and pursue thorough verification.

Cooperating with BIOEC, a French advanced beauty research laboratory, we provide skin analysis test as a new method of evaluating effects of cosmetics, supplements and other food product.

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