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Targanine Project

Targanine project is started by Professor Zoubida Charrouf of Rabat University in order to nurture social independence of Berber women as well as to find a way out of desertification. Focusing on argan oil which has been traditionally used by Berber people, the project also aims to solve social issues in Morocco.

Why Targanine products are chosen?

Professor Charrouf, specializing in organic chemistry and the study of medicinal plants at the Science Faculty, Rabat University in Morocco, developed a cold press system that could produce high-quality argan oil, paving the way for this traditional oil to expand from the household use among the Berber people to marketing in advanced countries.

Protection of

argan trees

Argan tree (Argania Spinosa (L.) Skeels, Sapotaceae) grows only in Morocco. Likewise the circumstance of the ecosystem covered by argan trees and the status of socioeconomic balance in Morocco, the tree today is facing a threat of desertification. In order to protect this mysterious tree and to achieve sustainable development of argan tree forests… 

Cooperatives participating in the project

Targanine is a group of women’s cooperatives engaging in producing and selling argan oil. The Targanine has developed the most suitable extracting process of argan oil and contributed to protection of argan tree forests.

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