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Cooperatives participating in the project

Outline of exemplary cooperatives

The number of cooperatives is increasing gradually. Here are brief descriptions of typical cooperatives, which were established shortly after the onset of the project.

Taitmatine de Tiout Cooperative

Commune Rurale de Tiout, Province de Taroudant

This cooperative is located at the entrance of Tiout Village featuring a magnificent palm plantation with an oasis at the foot of the Anti-Atlas Range. On the upstream side of the village is a large spring, which provides water for the irrigation of the palm plantation and the cultivation of crops under the shades of palm trees. To reach this village from Taroudant, take the principal road (P32) in the direction of Agadir. At the crossroads just after traversing the wide bed of the Souss river (5 km), turn left to enter Route 7027 (signpost for Taliouine and Ouarzazate).

Follow this road for about 23 km to a branch on the right, and take Route 7925 for 5 km to another branch. Turn right (signpost for Tiout) and drive a few kilometers through the fields with sparse argan trees to reach Tiout. The cooperative is on the left immediately before the entrance to the village.

When you come from Agadir via the principal road (P32), go through Oulad Teima Village. Drive for about 35 km to the branch just before the curve before crossing the Sous River, turn right onto Route 7027 to the direction of Taliouine and Ouarzazate, and follow the route described above.


The cooperative, established in 2002, was financed by the Principality of Monaco and constructed by Ibn Al Baytar Association with the support of the Mohammed V University in Rabat, Tiout Village, and the Province of Taroudant.


Opened in October 2002 in the presence of His Highness Prince Albert of Monaco, the cooperative has a membership of 40 women as of June 2003. Although these women are working in the cooperative, it can mobilize more than 60 women working at home when there is too much workload.


The beautiful palm plantation is worth a visit. The guesthouse “Tigmi,” which can be found easily on many guideboards, provides a wonderful place for dining and lodging. Decorated in a traditional style, it offers simple rooms with lavatory facilities. The beautiful terrace commands an unforgettable view of the palm plantation, the Atlas, and argan tree forests. When you pass the cooperative, you enter the village. At the exit, there is a dirt road ascending to a point overlooking the palm plantation. Downwards, there is a restaurant called “El Kasbah” amid lush plants next to the entrance for palm plantation visitors. Here, you can dine in the restored ancient Kasbah or fortress overlooking the village, enjoying the fantastic sceneries of the Souss canyon and the palm plantation.

Targan’t de Aït Baha Cooperative

Ait Baha Province Chtouka - Ait Baha

“Targan’t” means “argan tree” in the Berber language.


Aït Baha is located on one of the most beautiful roads in Morocco, one leading from Agadir to Tafraoute. Take the road bypassing Agadir towards the airport, leave left the access road to the airport, and after a short drive, take the left route onto S509 towards Ait Melloul and Biougra.

At 33 km after leaving the bypass, the road enters the argan forest. There are several vista points offering beautiful views over the Souss plain. You can also see some sand dunes in the process of forming.


After a short descent, you enter the small village of Aït Baha. Turn right and enter the central area. The cooperative is relatively difficult to find, so it is advisable to stop in front of Hotel Al Adarissa on the right side of the main street and ask for directions or call the cooperative to send someone to meet you.


This cooperative was established in 2002 with the funding of “La Maison de l’Argan.” Technical management of facilities was entrusted to the Science Faculty of Rabat University and Ibn Al Baytar Association.


This cooperative employs 50 women.


Aït Baha Village has a population of about 6,000. Built on the both banks of a river, which is dried up most of the times, this village provides an attractive resting point on the winding road to Tafraoute. There is a very good hotel in Aït Baha: Hotel Al Adarissa (telephone: 00 212 (0) 48 25 44 61) offering 32 rooms with bathtubs, a restaurant, and a splendid terrace cafeteria commanding an unobstructed view of the argan forest. There are many walking courses around Aït Baha. The owner of the hotel is eager to show the way to sightseeing attractions unfortunately ignored by tourist guides.

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