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Cooperation partners

Achievement of 15-year research carried out by the Science Faculty of Mohammed V University in cooperation with domestic and overseas research laboratories and organizations.

Targanine was founded by close cooperation among many stakeholders as well as their appropriate funding.

  • Embassy of Canada

  • British Embassy

  • Embassy of Japan

  • Dutch Embassy

  • Principality of Monaco

  • British Council in Morocco

  • Flanders Regional Community (Belgian)

  • Organization for an International Geographical Indications Network (ORIGIN)

  • International Development Research Centre (Canada)

  • OXFAM-Québec

  • International Council for Social Welfare

  • Ibn Al Baytar Association

  • A research and study group for development of Essaouira

  • L’Association Aït Bâa Amrane

  • Essaouira Province

  • Taroudant Province

  • Prefecture of Agadir

  • La cellule d’Intégration de la Femme au Développement, du Ministère des Affaires Etrangères

  • Office du Developpement de la Cooperation (ODECO)

  • Office of Vocational Training and Employment Promotion (OFPPT)

  • Direction Provinciale de l’Agriculture (DPA)

  • Établissement Autonome de Contrôle et de Coordination des Exportations (EACCE)

  • Laboratoir officiel danalyse chimiques (LOARC)

  • Slow Food


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